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In two months fo travelling, this was one of the best things we've done. Fantastic memories.
Hanna Marton, travel writer

Great tour with Thao and Tu!
Written by:Pauline on Sunday, September 06, 2009 - 06:32 PM
Arlette and I have been in Vietnam for 3 weeks and really loved it! We did so many great things... The best we did was a 3-day motortour with the easyriders from Dalat. We had two great guides (Do Thao and Mr. Tu). They showed us so much about real Vietnamese life and were very nice for us! 
Just sitting on the back of a 
motorbike with our backpacks on the back of the motor, we enjoyed the Central Highlands for 3 days. Thao and Tu showed us many things (how coffee grows, a silkfactory, houses of people living there, great waterfalls, ricefields etc...) and we dindn't have to think of anything! It's nice to get of track and go to places where are almost no tourists. We had great places to sleep, had dinner with families...
When you want to search a nice guide, don't book them in an office but talk to the guide himself! Thao and Tu speak great English, know a lot and offer great service. Not all guides do that... So make sure you can get along with your guide and trust him! And trust me...you will like Thao and Tu very much!!!
(The Netherlands)

 Just some of the raving testemonials this guy (an easyrider of the 1st generation) gets 
On a recent trip to Vietnam we had the good fortune to meet Do Thao (Paddy) who took us on a day trip around the Dalat countryside.
Paddy is a real gem, he is friendly, speaks excellent English and is prepared to take time to make sure that we had an informative and enjoyable trip. He was very patient with an apprehensive passenger and successfully built the confidence of his passenger.
Thank you very much Paddy.
John Sandy
Melbourne, Australia 

My son and I shared a leisurely ride with Mr. Thao (a.k.a. Paddy) and Mr. Quy from Dalat to the beaches of Nha Trang. 
Mr. Thao is a wonderful host with a passion for life in the countryside; he has a vast amount of knowledge of it and shares that with you without becoming overbearing.
He has an excellent command of English and so we learned a lot about the vegetation along the route, the tea and coffee plantations, the minorities and their habits, the food, the history. 
The views along the way are amazing as the landscape changes with almost every bend in the road: the rice fields, the sometimes barren hillsides but then again the lush greeneries, the falls, the villages and ultimately the sea. 
Away from the tourist traps you travel at a pace that allows to be in contact with the real local villagers. 
It is a small adventure which allows you to sample tasty local dishes and on which at the end of the day you always have the safe haven of a friendly hotel. 
Paddy: do_thao_Guide@hotmail.com, 0919 179217

Hilde and Romke Hoogwaerts
Posted by:  Hilde and Romke Hoog on Sunday, April 20, 2008 – 04:19 PM

Great day out with Paddy and Mr Tu
Written by: Rich on Friday, August 28, 2009 – 05:48 PM
Me and my girlfriend just returned from a trip with Mr Thao (aka Paddy) and Mr Tu through the countryside surrounding Dalat. We were a little nervous about doing a motorbike tour, never having ridden motorbikes in our lives, but we went ahead and booked and were very happy we made the right decision. Both guides were very friendly, witty, informative, fluent in English and very safe riders (much better than the bus drivers…). They took us to places that the bus tours won’t have access to (the silk factory was particularly interesting), and gave insights that you wouldn’t get from a more impersonal tour with less fluent guides. It felt like you were seeing more of the real Vietnam. 
Unfortunately, some people are taking advantage of the good reputation built up by people like Paddy and Mr Tu, and offering less competent service under the Easy Rider brand. It’s therefore best not to agree to go with a guide who approaches you on the street (and they will!) and instead to email or phone either of these guides directly:
Paddy: do_thao_Guide@hotmail.com, 0919 179217
Highly recommended – a very memorable experience. 
Posted by: Rich on Friday, August 28, 2009 – 05:48 PM

Do Thao (Paddy) a real Easy Rider: our best experience in Vietnam
Written by: cyrilchiloe - CHILOE
We are finally home after over six weeks in SEA. In November, my wife and I had the great experience of traveling with Do Thao, aka as Paddy. We realized we had done our dosage of bike riding when young and checked if we could do this in 4 wheels. To what Paddy agreed.
We started our unique experience in Dalat, Vietnam. Quy, the driver and Paddy led us to discover a good glimpse of the real Vietnam. We drove through the highlands and finished our unique tour in Mui Ne, Four superb days, where we shared experiences, Began with the Royal Palace and Crazy House in Dalat (nothing to write home about but was mentioned as things to do...) and then we did get a real taste of Vietnam. The roads away from the highways, allowed us to get to know silk farms, the process from cocoons to the fabric itself, flower nurseries with all sort of species, some local and some imported from Europe, how coffee was grown in the fields harvested, and dried, tea fields with dozens of ladies picking leaves and taking them to the warehouse in their baskets, visited local markets of small villages, floating houses, rural schools at recess time, hilltribes, woodcarving artisans working in large pieces (over 2 meteres), rubber plantations, stopped by the road to eat sugar cane while it was harvested,happened to find out where funerals and weddings were taking place, brick factories, and learning about the process, the making of rice noodles and how these were dried, that rice paper is not paper, but a great edible and tasty flat semi translucent rice pancake...... and so much more, in four days.
Our days started sharp at 8 AM and finished just a bit before dark.
Quy, the driver, who did not know English was always ready to help my wife serve herself while having lunch, breakfast or supper, and even though he did his best, my wife was not successful in using eating sticks, but our plates were always full. Quy always with a smile, great driver, realized I had made a comment on a very good local singer they played on the car radio. At the end of the day, the CD was on my hands as a gift, with a smile. Paddy did not stop at fancy places to eat (there were none) but in small, clean restaurants where we were served some of the best food we tried in Vietnam. The table was always full and after the first day they realized which were our favorites. Paddy new about nature, unique plants I had heard of before, birds, Vietnamese history, their people, beliefs and traditions.
Whenever we visited some place or group of people he was, we were, so kindly received. Never with the sense that they would be making money with our presence, but with a genuine pleasure of seeing him and meeting his company, us. Would it be a war veteran, ladies at a factory or very shy children at a hill tribe. Whenever we would visit a group of people he would take time to stop before to get some cookies or small tokens for the children or families. At a waterfall, went for a walk and when we came back were invited by the forest rangers who he knew to try home made rice whiskey.
After four days of this permanent genuine and personal contact with nature, with its people, their traditions, food and lifestyle we were driven by Quy and Paddy to our "boutique" hotel by the beach. Nice, but not even close to the real experience we have had in the past four days, probably the best ones of our long journey.
Paddy and Quy (if you use a car) are a superb team. Not on the loud side, nor beginners who might be willing to impress their customers. Paddy shares his knowledge, his being humane with much empathy and love for what he does. I was really sorry that these four magic days had reached an end. Now, we are so happy we had met him and be honored by his humble wisdom, attitude towards life and generosity with us.
If you want to have a great, real experience of Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact him.
Visited December 2011
[/chitiet] [diachi]Đà Lạt[/diachi] [sodienthoai]0919 179217[/sodienthoai] [maillienhe]o_thao_Guide@hotmail.com[/maillienhe]